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Dust Suppression Dosing Container for Nalco US

Enviroflo Engineering have recently completed the manufacture of a containerised dosing system for export to Nalco in the USA. The container includes a water tank, filter and pump together with a compressed air receiver and control gear. The container is destined for a mine in Indiana where it will be subject to wide extremes of temperature. For the majority of the year, the dust suppression system will use Nalco DustFoamPlus, however, in the middle of winter when the temperature can fall to -25 oC, the system is designed to use Nalco 8882 which has freeze conditioning as well as dust suppressant properties.

Dosing Container

The container incorporates a Dosing Module with an electronic dosing pump which is automatically controlled to ensure a solution with a constant concentration is always produced. Also included are two Control Modules to precisely control the flow of dust suppressant solution and air to the application points.

Dosing Equipment

Due to the environmental extremes, the container is insulated and lined and fitted with an air conditioning unit and two thermostatically controlled heaters.

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