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Bulk Storage Facility for Nalco 71D5Plus

Enviroflo Engineering have recently completed the installation and commissioning of a bulk storage facility for Nalco 71D5Plus at a plant in Scotland. The installation comprises a 10,000 litre insulated and bunded storage tank with electric heating, a maintenance access platform and recirculation system.

Bulk Storage Facility

In order to reduce the time required on site, the pump-set was supplied skid-mounted and pre-piped. The skid frame incorporates an insulted cover and electrical trace heating. The control panel for the system was mounted on the skid and pre-wired to the equipment. The panel gives automated control of the recirculation pump, tank immersion heater and pipework trace heating and incorporates continuous and discrete contents level monitoring and control.

Pump-Set and Control Gear

The new facility allows the site to accept deliveries in more economical quantities and gives them a buffer for times when to remotely located site is inaccessible due to bad weather.

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