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DustFoam Suppression Systems for aggregate quarry

Enviroflo Engineering have recently completed commissioning of an Enviroflo/Nalco DustFoam suppression system for an aggregate quarry in the Midlands. The system treats a Primary Jaw Crusher, two Secondary Cone Crushers, two Tertiary Cone Crushers and a Quartinery Impact Crusher. The equipment was delivered to site pre-installed into two converted shipping containers.

Containerised DustFoam Equipment

The shipping containers were insulated and lined and fitted with lighting and thermostatically controlled heating. Each container contained a water tank, water pump, compressed air supply system, dosing and foam control modules and an electrical control panel.

Containerised DustFoam Equipment

The equipment normally operates in a fully automatic mode, generating and applying DustFoam only when an individual crusher is operating under load. The equipment can also be operated in manual mode for commissioning purposes.

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