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Nalco Acquires Enviroflo Engineering

Following recent negotiations, Nalco Company - the world's leading water treatment and process improvement company - have purchased the Assets and Goodwill of Enviroflo Engineering Ltd (EEL). Nalco wish to extend their existing Dust Control business and this Acquisition is aimed at the European Market, Middle East and North Africa and other regions. Website

As already eluded to on this website EEL have been acting as Engineering Agents for Nalco for a number of years - Nalco supply the Dust Control chemicals such as 'DustFoam™' and 'DustFoamPlus™' and EEL are responsible for the proper applications of these chemicals to a range of applications such as Quarry Aggregates, Steel Sinter, Bauxite Ore etc. Nalco will bring to EEL experience gained Worldwide in Coal Handling, Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Gold Ore and many other applications.

In addition to Dust Suppression products, Nalco provide:

An organic-based surfactant and tackifier in easy-to-apply liquid form. The tacky characteristics provide residual dust suppression by agglomerating fine particles and holding them together even after the treated material has dried. This agent is mainly used to reduce dust emission during handling and processing.

A surfactant to be added to water on the surface of the mine or underground to control dust on longwalls, on continuous miners, at transfer points and other underground mining processes.

An effective proprietary road dust control product applied diluted with water using common road-watering equipment. It has humectant and binding characteristics that help to provide long-term dust control reducing dust emission to atmosphere by heavy dump truck traffic.

A blend of organic surfactants and other organic non-salt-based humectants diluted with water used to control dust on haul roads and improve water retention without the use of corrosive chloride compounds.

An encrusting agent diluted with water applied to open rail cars, stockpiles etc. to reduce dust during handling or wind erosion. It forms a crust on top of the sprayed area.

It may be dispersed using water sprays, hydro-seeder or water cannon on watering trucks. For flat surfaces, it may be applied by watering truck.


Nalco have also recently taken over a Specialised Combustion Company called MOBOTEC. Website: As a world leader in combustion optimization and multi-pollutant reduction, Nalco Mobotec brings innovative solutions to the world's global air pollution control challenges. Nalco Mobotec offers practical approaches for the control and reduction of emissions such as NOx, SOx, CO, PM (Particulate Matter) and Mercury, while maximizing efficiency. In addition, Nalco Mobotec's solutions can accommodate fuel flexibility, biomass conversions, or co-firing.

For further information on MOBOTEC, please complete our WEBSITE ENQUIRY FORM.

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