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Enviroflo Feature in Quarry Management

Enviroflo Engineering Dust Extraction and Dust Suppression Systems have featured in the February 2009 issue of Quarry Management - The monthly journal for the quarry products industry. The journal ran a feature on the £15 million investment by Cemex UK on Taff’s Well Quarry, near the village of Pentrych, just north of Cardiff.

QM Journal Taffs Well Article

In order to secure the future of the quarry, Cemex have sited a brand new crushing and screening plant deep within the quarry basin which has released 20 million tonnes of previously sterilised reserves. A new access tunnel has been created into the quarry basin, giving a reduction in the impact of quarry transport movements on local roads.

Enviroflo Engineering have installed a Dust Extraction system on the screen house. This comprises a balanced ductwork system to extract from the Don Valley screens, a Reverse Air Bag Filter to clean the air and a centrifugal exhaust fan and stack. In the words of the journal article, 'A highly effective dust-extraction system, supplied by Enviroflo Engineering Ltd, ensures that the main screen house remains virtually dust-free at all times'.

Taffs Well Dust Extraction System

The secondary and tertiary crushers were treated with an Enviroflo/Nalco Dry Foam Dust Suppression System. A containerised unit was supplied housing water and chemical storage, an air compressor, pumping and dosing equipment. Dry DustFoam™ is generated local to the crushers and injected at the inlet and outlet of each crusher. The action of the crusher breaks up the micro-bubbles within the foam, ensuring that the moisture carried is integrated into the body of the material to suppress dust emissions.

Wet Dust Suppression has been applied to the remainder of the plant using water sprays. The suppression system for the scalping system has a dosing system which adds a surfactant to the water to improve its effectiveness. The journal states, 'In addition, Enviroflo Engineering Ltd have supplied equally beneficial dry foam dust-suppression systems for all crusher feeds and discharge points within the plant, as well as water spray dust suppression for transfer points and discharge chutes on the lorry load-out and stocking conveyors, resulting in a significant reduction in the site’s overall level of emissions'.

In addition, Enviroflo supplied a containerised water supply/treatment system. This included water storage and pumping equipment together with a Nalco Duplex Water Softener. This will soften the water to reduce limescale deposits within the valves and nozzles, improving plant reliability.

Arial View of Taffs Well Quarry

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