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Dust Suppression System Replaces Extraction

After careful evaluation of the original Dust Extraction System serving the crushers, screen and conveyor transfer areas it was decided for a number of reasons related to maintenance, abrasion, power consumption, etc to replace this system with an Enviroflo/Nalco Dry Foam System. A special foaming agent was used containing a tackifier. This foam is termed Nalco DustFoam Plus which encapsulates the dust more efficiently than the standard dust foam. The presence of the tackifier increases the retention time of the treatment for up to 28 days. This has considerable advantages in dust generation during out loading into boats and also when the aggregate is offloaded dust emissions are also reduced. Note that minimal dust is being emitted during ship loading and the crushing and screening buildings show little evidence of dust leakage to atmosphere.

Ship loading at Glensanda

The above shows a boat being loaded at Yeoman’s Glensanda Quarry (part of Aggregate Industries UK Ltd). This is the largest quarry in the UK with a current production of some 6.8million tonnes/annum of premier granite aggregates.

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